Comparing WooCommerce, Cart66 + Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Solutions

We’ve been following the progression of WordPress e-commerce plugins for some time now, our clients want to leverage their WordPress sites to convert visitors to customers.

To be clear, WordPress alone is not appropriate for medium to large scale web shops, for which we generally recommend a Magento-based solution integrated with WordPress for content management.

For smaller shops (less than 500 products), a few clear leaders in WordPress e-commerce solutions have emerged and deserve attention.  WooCommerce, Cart66 and Jigoshop.

How do we judge which solutions are best for our clients? We look for rigorous development cycles with updates and new features released constantly, a large user base and support community, a robust feature set and a future trajectory of being the most widely used and supported WordPress e-commerce solution.

After evaluating all three options, we’re going with WooCommerce.  We like the impressive feature set, the low-entry pricing model based on premium extensions, and this:


3 thoughts on “Comparing WooCommerce, Cart66 + Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Solutions

  1. Nice. I had no idea that Woocommerce was woo’ing so many people. Great post and embed to the insights!

    • Ecwid was one of the early simple paypal shopping cart solutions, and while it will still work for many folks, if you are looking for shortcode product handling, Cart66 is a good replacement product with more features and support.

      For more sophisticated product and e-commerce handling, I’d recommend WooCommerce or even a look at Magento for shops that have more than 500 products.

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